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The Amazing Advantages of Take-Home Teeth Whitening!

March 19, 2021

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Woman pointing to her white teeth

So you just got your braces off and you’re ready to put the finishing touches on your smile. Because orthodontics often leave an uneven color, you’re probably on the hunt for teeth whitening. Toothpaste, whitening strips, charcoal teeth whitening, and other items from the store are available, but none of them seem to be working out. You may notice a slight change, but these over-the-counter products simply aren’t delivering the results you want. Now, you could turn to store-bought whitening kits, which are often unreliable. Or, you could get professional whitening, but that requires spending some time in the dental chair. Is there any other option? Thankfully, yes! You can get the beautiful results you deserve while sitting comfortably on your couch with professional take-home whitening from your orthodontist. Read on to learn about the benefits of this unique option.


Braces for Adults & Children: How Are They Different?

February 20, 2021

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Woman smiling with braces while looking at camera

Thanks to modern orthodontics, it’s easier than ever for adults to get the straight teeth they’ve always wanted, or even update their smile from braces they had decades ago. However, there are some key differences between adult orthodontics and braces for children and teens. It’s worth knowing more about these treatments before committing to one for yourself. That’s why your orthodontist has compared braces for older and younger patients below!


The Surprising Dangers of Online DIY Braces

February 19, 2021

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Woman smiling with Invisalign while looking at the camera

The internet has brought society so many gifts! Better communication, connectedness, and of course, access to more information. Thanks to social media channels like YouTube, Instagram, and SnapChat, do-it-yourself (DIY) and direct-to-consumer products are more popular than ever. This trend has impacted orthodontics with a variety of companies offering ways for people to straighten their teeth on their own through the use of mail order clear braces. As great as these services sound, they can actually cause a lot of damage. Read on to learn about the dangers of these products and why it’s always best to choose orthodontics like Invisalign from a professional.


Can You Get Invisalign After Braces?

January 30, 2021

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Smiling woman holding braces and Invisalign

As a child, you had to wear braces to straighten your crooked smile. You enjoyed the benefits of a straighter grin for years, but lately you notice that your teeth seem to have shifted. Naturally, you might have some misgivings about having to wear braces again, but what if you don’t have to? Invisalign has long been an excellent option for those looking for a discreet way to make minor dental corrections. The question is, is getting Invisalign after braces a viable option? Read on to learn more about the possible next steps you can take towards the perfectly aligned smile of your dreams.


Can Insurance Help Pay for Orthodontic Care?

January 15, 2021

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Dental insurance form on desktop with money

When you begin any sort of orthodontic treatment – whether it’s Invisalign or traditional braces in Rochester – it’s important to ask, “Will my care be covered by insurance?” Each dental plan is different; some offer orthodontic benefits while others don’t. It’s important to have a firm grasp on whether or not you can expect help from your dental insurance provider to help pay for a straighter, healthier smile. Below are some important things you’ll need to know about your dental insurance before you schedule your first consultation with the orthodontist.


Tips for Kissing with Braces!

December 21, 2020

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Young woman smiling after seeing orthodontist in Rochester

If you just received braces, surely you’ve been making adjustments to your lifestyle. You knew you’d have to take care of your smile more while avoiding pesky foods like popcorn, but you didn’t think about kissing with braces. Will you have to give up romance now that you have metal wires and brackets in your mouth? Have no fear! You can still smooch with your braces, and your orthodontist in Rochester has provided some easy yet helpful tips on how to make it a pleasant experience!


Modern Vs. Old School Braces: 5 Key Differences

December 20, 2020

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Young man smiling after visiting an orthodontist in Rochester

Did you have braces as a kid? Maybe a friend on your block needed to straighten their teeth? Well, a lot has changed with orthodontics since you were a child. In fact, technology brings many benefits that make wearing and getting braces a lot simpler and more enjoyable. That’s why your orthodontist in Rochester has decided to highlight the 5 most significant benefits of modern braces compared to old methods!


Here’s How to Care for Your Braces Over the Holidays!

November 27, 2020

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Family at holiday dinner smiling after visiting orthodontist in Rochester

This year has sure been a crazy one, which gives you even more reason to look forward to holidays. Some time to relax, give, and get always helps, but you’re probably also looking forward to all the food that comes with the festivities. Roasts, ham, pies, potatoes, sweets, and so much more are just around the corner, but the increased food intake can also pose a threat to the safety and health of your smile if you have orthodontics. That’s why your orthodontist in Rochester has included a few do’s and don’ts to help you properly maintain your braces during the holiday season!


Acceledent: The Fastest Way to Achieve Straight Teeth!

November 22, 2020

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Middle-aged man smiling after using Acceledent

If you have uneven, crooked, or misaligned teeth, you’re probably considering orthodontics to finally get the dream smile you’ve always wanted. However, braces require a serious time commitment, and it can be difficult to get excited about up to 24 months with metal brackets and wires fixed to their teeth. Is there any way this treatment time could be shortened? The answer is yes! See how your orthodontist uses an advanced technology called Acceledent to help patients achieve beautifully straight smiles in up to half the time.


Does Dental Insurance Cover Braces for Children?

October 28, 2020

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Boy in collared shirt with braces smiling after orthodontic treatment coverage

Do you have a son or daughter in need of braces? According to the American Dental Association, close to 4 million children and teens get orthodontics each year. As a parent, you want the best for your child, especially when it comes to their health. However, you’re also probably wondering about the cost of their treatment. Additionally, you may be curious about whether or not your dental insurance will be able to cover orthodontics. Read on to learn the answers as well as why you shouldn’t wait to get braces for your loved one!

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