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Clear/Ceramic Braces - Webster, NY | Rochester, NY

Virtually Invisible Braces

Young woman with ceramic braces Traditional metal braces are extremely effective at straightening crooked, crowded, and gapped teeth. However, some patients prefer to have their braces less noticeable. At Drabik Orthodontics, we understand the importance of a beautiful and confident smile. If metal braces were the only option, some patients would not consider treatment.

Thankfully, clear/ceramic braces are the perfect alternative for adults and image-conscious teens. Just as effective as their metal counterparts, clear braces enable patients of all ages to get the straighter teeth and beautiful smiles they desire without affecting their day-to-day appearance.

Why Choose Drabik Orthodontics for Clear/Ceramic Braces?

  • Subtle, almost invisible appearance
  • Smooth ceramic braces create a comfortable fit
  • Orthodontist with more than 20 years of experience

What are Clear/Ceramic Braces?

Group of people at Drabik Orthodontics

Dr. Drabik says clear/ceramic braces offer the best of both worlds. Why? Because they use the same trusted method as traditional braces - brackets, and wires to straighten the teeth. However, they have the advantage of being much more cosmetically friendly.

Instead of metal, the brackets are made of clear porcelain. The wires are tooth-colored also. The combination of clear braces and white wires blends into a patient’s mouth making them very aesthetically pleasing. This subtle appearance enables patients to smile with confidence throughout treatment.

Are Clear/Ceramic Braces Right for Me/My Child?

Closeup of teeth with clear bracket and wire braces

Any patient who could benefit from metal braces is a good candidate for clear/ceramic braces. This includes people dealing with crooked, crowded, and gapped teeth as well as missing teeth. Clear/ceramic braces are not as durable as metal braces so extra care is needed to assure the clear braces will not chip. Dr. Drabik is happy to discuss if the clear braces are right for you. If you have specific questions feel free to contact Dr. Drabik for a one-on-one consultation.

Come See Us!

The Drabik Orthodontics team

Clear/ceramic braces have helped many of our patients achieve the smile of their dreams and feel great throughout the process. To schedule a consultation and get started, contact us today.