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Teeth Whitening After Braces: Like Icing on the Cake

April 22, 2021

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Woman who got teeth whitening after braces pointing to her smile

So you just spent a considerable amount of time and money on braces, giving yourself the smile of your dreams – or so you thought. After years of waiting, you got the metal out of your mouth only to find that your perfectly straight teeth are now an uneven color. Discoloration after braces is quite common, which is why your orthodontist offers effective teeth whitening to provide the finishing touches on your smile. Keep reading to learn more about why your teeth may be discolored and how professional teeth whitening can help!

Why Are Your Teeth Discolored After Braces?

No matter what age you are, teeth staining after braces is a common concern. While wearing orthodontics, it’s important to care for your smile not only for the success of your treatment but also for your general oral health. That said, braces themselves do not cause discoloration and staining, but the plaque and tartar that can occur does. Whether it’s difficulty brushing due to the brackets and wires, or eating certain food that contributes to staining, discoloration can often occur. The reason why it sometimes looks so dramatic is that the spots where the brackets were bonded to the teeth are typically white and the rest of the tooth is yellow or discolored, causing an uneven appearance.

Choose a Professional for Teeth Whitening

Once your braces are off, you have a few options for teeth whitening. Of course, there are all the toothpastes, strips, kits, and other products that you can find at the store. However, these products often leave lackluster, or uneven results, completely defeating the purpose. Additionally, these products can sometimes cause sensitivity. This is important to keep in mind because the teeth are often slightly sensitive after finishing orthodontics.

Unlike over-the-counter products, teeth whitening from your orthodontist is effective, comfortable, and super easy. The best part is they know your smile well so they can tailor treatment to meet your needs. Professional whitening will be able to lift tough stains and brighten your smile up to 8 shades in a single visit.

How Long After Braces Should You get Whitening?

It’s recommended to wait at least 6 months after braces to get teeth whitening. This is because your teeth may still be weak or sensitive after treatment. Waiting will give your teeth enough time to adjust to life without braces. Plus, your saliva will naturally help wash away discoloration, which is another reason to wait a few months before committing to treatment.

Don’t let your discoloration get in the way of the smile you’ve always wanted. Your orthodontist can use teeth whitening to give your straight teeth the appearance they need to truly shine!

Meet the Orthodontist

Dr. Stan Drabik is an orthodontist with well over 2 decades of experience who offers a wide variety of amazing services for patients of all ages. He provides both in-office and at-home teeth whitening to make it convenient to achieve the results you want. For any questions, he can be reached through his website or by phone at either of his Webster or Rochester locations.

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