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Expiring Insurance Benefits: Don’t Wait to Start Your Child’s Orthodontic Treatment!

September 17, 2020

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Whether you believe that your teen needs braces or they just visited their orthodontist and found out that treatment is a must, it’s a good idea to get the situation taken care of before the end of the year. If you have dental insurance, your benefits expire on January 1, 2021 when your plan renews. That means that in order to keep money in your pockets, it’s a good idea to utilize any remaining benefits now, before they disappear. Read on to learn more about orthodontic treatment for children and dental insurance coverage.

What Signs Indicate Your Child Needs Braces?

It may not always be obvious that your child or teenager needs braces, but starting them on treatment early can ensure that they can have a straightened and confident smile by the time they start high school. Here are some signs that you should schedule a consultation with an orthodontist in Rochester for your child:

  • Crowded teeth that may turn sideways
  • Gaps between their teeth
  • Lost baby teeth early or late
  • Thumb and pacifier-sucking past the age of four
  • Mouth breathing
  • Bottom protruding teeth
  • Jutted-out top teeth

It’s recommended that you bring your child to visit a specialist by the age of about seven to learn whether they can benefit from treatment. The average age that a child receives braces is around nine to 14, but if they have severe orthodontic issues, they may require early intervention.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Children’s Orthodontics?

You may be surprised to learn that most dental insurance plans cover the cost of orthodontic treatment for dependent children under the age of 19. However, it’s a good idea to doublecheck with your individual plan, because benefits can vary based on the company that you’re insured with, whether you visit an in-network provider, and other factors.

What Happens When Your Plan Renews?

Every year, your dental insurance plan will renew on January 1. That means that your maximum will reset, you’ll need to pay your full deductible again, and your premium could change. Instead of having to pay more out-of-pocket when you don’t need to, it’s a good idea to invest in treatment now, while your insurance will still cover it and when your deductible has already been met. Plus, if you visit an in-network provider, you’ll be able to enjoy even steeper discounts and savings!

Before you schedule your child’s orthodontic consultation, be sure to contact your dental insurance company directly to learn the details of your coverage, because every plan is different. As long as you utilize your benefits before you lose them when your plan renews on New Year’s Day, you can get the most out of your investment in insurance all while having the peace-of-mind that your child’s oral health is on the right track.

About the Author

Dr. Stan Drabik is a passionate orthodontic specialist who has been providing smile-straightening treatments to patients of all ages for over two decades. He is dedicated to giving everybody that walks through his practice’s doors individualized, comfortable care. He is a proud, in-network provider with many dental insurance plans and is happy to maximize his patient’s benefits and file claims on their behalf. For questions or to schedule a consultation for your child, visit Drabik Orthodontics’ website or call  585-730-7700.

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